Our Team

Our team is the best. All radio stations say that, but we really are the best. We have a fantastic bossman, great support staff, wonderful producers, news readers, and obviously creative and lively DJs. We feel that we have the perfect mix of young, old, experienced, still learning, and knowledge of what people want. Please meet our team.

The Bossman – Finley Woods

He has been involved with radio stations all over the UK and retired from the frontlines to help us build UK FM Group Western. He has tonnes of experience and so much wisdom and knowledge to share. We are lucky to have him.

Music Producer – Jim Watson

His knowledge of music, melodies, and rhythm is astounding. He has a background in both classical and contemporary music and is the best producer we could ask for.

Newsreader – Stacey Rowley

This lovely lady keeps us in the loop with all the latest happenings around the world. She works very hard to get the latest and accurate news to you.

DJ – Charlie Mack

Our oldest DJ with a knack for choosing the best from the golden oldies and mix them with the latest releases. He keeps us on our toes and ensures that our listeners always feel good.

DJ – Ron Hoppin’

He is in charge of finding our best local talents and making sure the world knows about them. His shows feature newly discovered and up-and-coming stars.

DJ – Lizzy Thompson

She brings together the best of local, international, and unknown. Her vibrancy and positivity will keep you going through the toughest of days.

To find out more and experience our station, tune in and start listening to the best station since Idols Season 1.