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We support local talents


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Welcome to the newest and greatest local radio station in the UK – UK FM Group Western!

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We exist to entertain you and keep you going strong through the day. Our team is always aiming to get our listeners involved and to make their days better and more bearable.

UK FM Group Western is located in Gawsworth, SK and we reach far and wide. We started this station because we wanted to help our amazing local talents get heard and possibly discovered. There are new and very talented singers and songwriters around so many corners. It is our responsibility to help them out.

What can you expect from UK FM Group Western?

  1. Fantastic music for all to enjoy – even grandma may like us.
  2. Local talent support like no other.
  3. Great interactive shows that involve listeners.
  4. Epic competitions for great prizes.
  5. More great music.

Why should you listen to us?

Our team consists of young and old and we have a good mix of experience. Together, we understand what people need from a radio station. Your station should keep you positive during a bad day. It should help you cry over that break-up or make you laugh when you are angry or sad. Your radio station should be your daily companion and support to get through the good and the bad days. That is what we are!

When should you listen?

We are live from 6:00 to 22:00 every day. Find us on 001.7FM to help make your day.

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